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Pharo is a clean, innovative, open-source, live-programming environment. Get immersed in a world of living objects!

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Learning Object-Oriented Programming, Design and TDD with Pharo

Learning Object-Oriented Programming, Design and TDD with Pharo is a new book on OOP and OOD using TDD and presenting essential aspects of object-oriented programming in Pharo. Support Pharo books!

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Pharo by Example 50

Pharo by Example 50 is a new version of Pharo by Example for Pharo5.0. 2017

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Enterprise Pharo: a Web perspective

Enterprise Pharo is the third volume of the series. This book covers libraries and frameworks for enterprises, and in particular those doing web development. 2015

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The Spec UI framework

The Spec UI framework explains the default framework for building user interfaces in Pharo, called Spec. 2017

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Pharo with Style

Pharo with Style explains the difference between code that runs and code that talks to the reader. 2019

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The Pharo Technology Collection

Far too many good chapters or material were written and pending to be part of a future book. But producing a good book is a huge task, so we decided to divide the work and produce autonomous and focused booklets. We are expecting to have GLORP, Magritte, Voyage, Reddit and probably much more as booklets. If you have material just contact us. We will migrate the current one to a good format and offer lulu printing.

XPath HTML Scraping booklet

XPath is a powerful technology. In this tutorial we show how we use it to scrap information from HTML page. Booklet written by S. Ducasse and P. Kenny. You can find the latest version here.

Voyage booklet

Voyage is a powerful Object Mapper for Pharo. Booklet written by E. Lorenzano, S. Ducasse, J. Fabry and N. Hartl

Glorp booklet

Glorp is a powerful Object Relational Mapper for Pharo. Booklet written by E. Maringolo, N. Pratt and R. Withney

Smacc: a Compiler-Compiler

Smacc is a powerful frameworks to parse languages. In this book we show how we use it first with a tutorial. Then we describe the advanced aspects of Smacc. Written by J. Brant, J. Lecerf, T. Goubier S. Ducasse, and A. P. Black. You can find the latest version here.

Commander20: a Command Framework

Commander20 is a simple and powerful command frameworks. In this book we show how we use it first with a tutorial. Then we describe its internal and design decisions.Written by S. Ducasse and Julien Delplanque. You can find the latest version here.

Concurrent Programming in Pharo

This book explains the concurrency model and some implementation aspects of Pharo here.

Unified FFI - Calling Foreign Functions from Pharo

UFFI is a powerful framework to invoke foreign functions. In this book we show how we use it first with a tutorial. You can find the latest version here.

Zinc: an industrial quality level HTTP/S framework

Zinc is a powerful and elegant framework to build HTTP client/server applications. You can find the latest version here.

Manage your code with Git and Iceberg

Booklet written by G. Polito and S. Ducasse with A. Oliviera

The Pharo TextBook Collection

Here is a collection of booklets that are not technology oriented but will teach you fundamental aspects of computation.

"A simple reflective object kernel" explains ObVlisp a simple reflective kernel and it shows how to build step by step this kernel based on two classes: Object and Class. Booklet written by S. Ducasse.

"Call Stack Management" explains how a call stack is represented in virtual machines. Written by C. Bera with S. Ducasse.

Physche: A Little Scheme in Pharo

"A Little Scheme in Pharo" explains how to build a simple interpreter for a language such Lisp or Scheme with a particular focus on closures. Written by S. Ducasse with G. Polito.

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To be ready soon booklets

Some booklets need feedback. There are listed below. Usually draft versions have a white cover.

Bloc Memory Game booklet

Bloc Memory Game (alpha) is a first tutorial on Bloc the new graphics core for Pharo. Booklet written by A. Chis, S. Ducasse, A. Syrel.

The Pharo Book Collection

Deep into Pharo

Deep into Pharo is the second volume of a series of books covering Pharo. Whereas the first volume is intended for newcomers, this second volume covers deeper topics.

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Numerical Methods in Pharo

Numerical Methods In Pharo is a book from Didier Besset on numerical methods. It covers many topics related to data science: function interpolation, iteration, zeroes, linear algebra series, statistics, estimation, minimisation, and data mining.

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Agile Visualization

Agile Visualization covers aspects that are relevant for practitioners, businesses, and academics to successfully design and implement highly interactive visualizations.

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Tiny Blog Tutorial

Tiny Blog is a tutorial from Olivier Auverlot, Stéphane Ducasse and Luc Fabresse. It brings you step by step through the building of a little web blog application. This tutorial is part of the Pharo MOOC.

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Tutoriel Tiny Blog

Tiny Blog est un tutoriel écrit par Olivier Auverlot, Stéphane Ducasse et Luc Fabresse. Ce tutoriel vous guide pas à pas dans la réalisation d'une petite application Web. Cette ressource est une partie du MOOC Pharo.

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By Example Series

Pharo by example

Pharo by Example, intended for both students and developers, will guide you gently through the Pharo language and environment by means of a series of examples and exercises.

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Pharo par l'exemple

Pharo par l'exemple est la traduction en de Pharo by example.

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