Enterprise Pharo

Pharo is a clean, innovative, open-source, live-programming environment.

Enterprise Pharo is the third volume of a series of book covering Pharo and its community. Whereas the first volume Pharo by Example is intended for newcomers and the second volume Deep into Pharo covers deep topics of Pharo, this third volume covers libraries and frameworks for enterprises, and in particular those doing web development.

Chapter Topics


Mustache, RenoirST, Pillar, Artefact



An Open Book

Enterprise Pharo is an open book:

The full book is available as a free printable PDF download (Milestone version).

Latest version on our book farm is available.

Contributions are welcomed.

The content of this book is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.


The editors (emphasized below) have curated and reformatted the chapters from blog posts and tutorials written by many people. Here is the complete list of contributors to the book, in alphabetical order:

Olivier Auverlot, Sven Van Caekenberghe, Damien Cassou, Gabriel Omar Cotelli, Christophe Demarey, Martín Dias, Liudmyla Dolia, Stéphane Ducasse, Luc Fabresse, Johan Fabry, Cyril Ferlicot Delbecque, Norbert Hartl, Guillaume Larchevêque, Max Leske, Esteban Lorenzano, Attila Magyar, Mariano Martinez-Peck, Damien Pollet.