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2013-05-12: Pharo by Example in Spanish! Spanish translation is now available for download

2013-04-23: Pharo by Example in Japanese! Japanese translation is now available for download


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About this book (OLD OLD OLD)

Pharo is a modern open-source development environment and language inspired from Smalltalk. Despite being the first purely object-oriented language and environment, Pharo is in many ways still far ahead of its successors in promoting a vision of an environment where everything is an object, and anything can change at run-time.

Pharo by Example, intended for both students and developers, will guide you gently through the Pharo language and environment by means of a series of examples and exercises.

But pay attention that we are working on the next edition at (PDF)


The book helps you get started with A Quick Tour of Pharo and guides you through A First Application. The Smalltalk language is introduced in the chapters Syntax in a Nutshell and Understanding Message Syntax.

Development with Pharo is introduced in The Smalltalk Object Model, The Pharo Programming Environment and SUnit. Several of the key classes are presented in chapters on Basic Classes, Collections, Streams and Morphic. A chapter dedicated to Seaside by Example introduces web application development with the popular Seaside framework.

The first edition of the book concludes with chapters on Classes and Metaclasses, Reflection and Frequently Asked Questions.

An open book

This book is open in the following senses:

We would like to see this book grow! We encourage you to contribute chapters on the parts of Pharo that we have not described. If you would like to participate, please contact us.

Published by Square Bracket Associates, Kehrsatz, Switzerland.