Voyage: Persisting Objects in Document Databases

Voyage: Persisting Objects in Document Databases is a booklet that guides to extracting information from HTML pages using XPath.

About this book

Voyage is a small persistence framework developed by Esteban Lorenzano, constructed as a small layer between the objects and a persistency mecha- nism often a document noSql database.

This booklet started as a number of blog posts by Esteban Lorenzano, which have been extensively reworked by Johan Fabry and Stéphane Ducasse, including additional information shared by Sabine Manaa and Norbert Hartl. This became the chapter in the Enterprise Pharo book available at Since this chapter was complex to edit without producing a complete version of the book and that extra material such as the super heroes tutorial written by Stephane Ducasse appeared the current booklet is a merge of all the sources and will be the most actively maintained documentation.

In addition I wanted to offer this booklet to Peter. Why because I asked Peter if he would like to write something and he told that he was at a great age where he would not take any commitment. I realised that I would like to get as old as him and be able to hack like a mad in Pharo with new technology. So this booklet is a gift to Peter, a great and gentle Pharoer. I would like to thank Monty the developer of the XML package suite for its great implementation and the feedback on this booklet. Stef

An Open Book

This book is an open book:

The full book is available as a free printable PDF download (milestone version).

Latest version on our book farm is available.

The content of this book is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoCommercial-ShareAlike license.


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